About Paul Howard

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Paul Howard Realty's agents provide buyers with access to the thousands of homes for sale in Southern and Central New Jersey and South Eastern PA.

You won't see homes for sale with Paul Howard Realty signs in front because Paul Howard Realty's agents work for you, the buyer, full time. We do not represent sellers. We can show you all MLS listed homes and also homes for sale by owner. If your agent claims to 'specialize' in representing buyers she may still work for a company that represents sellers and so really only works for buyers part time. That agent may, in fact, be working for the seller while showing you houses. What will that agent do when it comes time to negotiate price? What is she going to do when a problem is found during your home inspection? Remember - sellers agents and dual agents can't fully represent the buyer. I am a full time buyer's agent. If you are not sure that "your agent" is a full time buyer's agent just ask if their office lists homes for sale. If they do, the agent is not a full time buyer's agent and may actually be working for the seller instead of for you.

Full time buyers' agents are professional, knowledgeable, experienced, committed. Many agents will work as 'buyers' agents' but if they get the chance they will work as DUAL AGENTS in the blink of an eye. I won't - and that is a promise I'll put in writing - will they?

I have worked for home buyers as a buyer's agent in Mercer, Camden, Burlington and Gloucester county for the last 12 years. We are professional, easy to work with and efficient.We don't take 'listings'-- so we can take you where YOU want to go. We point out the good AND the bad when we show you a home. We show you what comparable homes sold for. We help home buyers negotiate the best PRICE and TERMS. We advocate and arrange home inspection.We give buyers more complete representation than real estate companies that don't work for the buyer full time. Best of all - our commission is paid by the seller.



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